The Color of Grace

What is the color of grace?


It is white like a winter snow

covering an unkept autumn lawn.

It coats the ground and keeps

the tender shoots of hope insulated

until the warmer breezes blow again

to awaken groggy dreams.

What is the color of grace?


It is green like the blades of grass in the spring

that bend beneath my feet.

Blades that form the path I am to take

that lead me to where I am to be –

to become who I am to be.

What is the color of grace?

It is as blue as the eyes of my children

who constantly remind me of my great need

of something more than I am –

pointing me beyond myself to a greater purpose –

a higher calling.

What is the color of grace?
red spatter

It is crimson as it flows down the wooden planks,

the rusty nails…splattering to the ground…

to the unkept lawn of my heart…

in need of direction and purpose,

acceptance and freedom.

When my eyes rest upon these colors,

may they stir a remembrance in me

that I already possess what I am looking for –

through grace.

Letting Go…

How did she do it?

Knowing He had come to save His people,

knowing He would die for them…

for her.

How did she raise Him,

and then,

let go?

Countless nights spent comforting His cries,

countless meals served and baths given.

Countless prayers prayed for protection,

or strength,

or even a change in plans,

for Him…the Messiah.

So how do I do it?

Knowing that my son too, has a purpose from God.

A plan that he must fulfill.

Apart from me,

the mom.

Have I given him enough?

Have I shown him true faith?

Will he choose to follow Christ?

Or his own way…

My only answer,

is the same answer Mary gave.

Your will be done,

I am Your servant.

I am trusting You, Father…

with my son,

and I give him to You

as best I know how.



What a Great Valentine’s Day

Over dinner he begins,

And I watch his eyes dance,

As I listen to him speak of how he fell in love with me.


Looking at their faces,

Noticing their expressions,

As they listen to him speak of how he fell in love with me.


The giggles and the laughs,

The oohs and the wows,

As we listen to him speak of how he fell in love with me.


Realizing what  love is mine,

And falling in love with him again,

As I listen to him speak of how he fell in love with me.



This Day

Crisp, cool breeze,

leaves from the trees

are spiraling and swirling,

spinning to the ground

In hues of orange, yellow and red.


A wreath upon my door,

made by caring hands.

Vines, leaves and berries

from the ever-changing woods.

A symbol of this time of year,

to be thankful for all that God has given.


And I am,

thankful for the blessings,

mistakes and even disappointments.

All have brought me to this place,

this day, to be this person.


Thank you, Father for Your endless love.

Thank you, Son for Your selfless salvation.

Thank you, Spirit for Your ever-present help.


“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;  his love endures forever.”  Psalm 118:1
“This is the day that the LORD has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it!”  Psalm 118:24

Fear Should be Afraid

Fear is loud.  It screams with a constant high note at close range into my ear.

Fear is heavy.  It sits massively upon my chest making it hard to take a breath.

Fear is lonely.  It puts me in a small dark space – no light and no hope.

Fear is fast.  It sweeps over me quickly and causes my normal actions to move in slow motion.

Fear is a task-master.  It drives me to bear the burden of its load.

JESUS!  Cast out all fear that is in me!

“The LORD is for me, so I will have no fear.”  Psalm 118:6a