“Stained Glass Prayers”

“Stained Glass Prayers”

20 (h) x 16 (w) Acrylic on canvas
Only one: $125.00 * this week only*
Message me if you are interested in owning this piece.

I began working on this painting at the beginning of the week, but as of yesterday it didn’t feel “done”. So, I decided to set it up against the wall and just look at it to see what I could see. I would glance at it every time I walked through my “studio/kitchen” and every time I did, I was reminded of the beautiful stained glass windows at our church.

Being pushed for time yesterday, I left the painting untouched and went to church to teach bible study and then attend choir practice. To my delight, our practice was held in our sanctuary and I kept noticing the stained glass. “Yep”, I thought…”my painting reminds me of the glass”.

During choir practice, our worship pastor, Zach Young, announced that every Tuesday during May, the sanctuary will be open for prayer. As I listened to him speak of the reasons why we were being called to prayer, I thought of all the prayers that might be prayed during this time.

I also thought of all the people that would pray the prayers: different ages, different hair colors, different voices, different personalities, different everything…just like those beautiful pieces of stained glass. Each set into place by an artist, just as it pleased him/her to create something beautiful to remind us of our Heavenly Father and His Church.

The connection was then made…my painting is a representation of the people that will enter our sanctuary and the prayers that will be prayed there. Each unique, each beautiful, each held close to the heart of God.

Deanna Freeman

“The Nest is Not Empty, Yet” – Original painting

I love birds and bird nests. I actually have a nest that a mama bird built in my front door wreath. I can hear the baby birds chirping everyday…and I think of my little ones…the ones growing up way too fast. I think the most about the oldest one…who is about to leave the nest…but I have him a bit longer, so it’s not empty yet!