not so fake anymore

Well, there she was…standing right in front of me…working on her project while I am unloading a shipment of merchandise.

“What do I say…that doesn’t sound creepy?”  

So I say nothing.  I just keep checking items against a packing list and trying to think of how to start a conversation with a REAL, LIVE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME – ARTIST!    “We are nothing alike”, I thought.  “She’s the actual thing – a real artist…not a fake one like me.”

Why all the angst?  I mean, we ARE both humans which gives us SOMETHING in common to discuss.  But it took me a good 20 to 30 minutes to be willing to say, “Hey Lisa, I have to tell you that I was admiring some of your work yesterday.”  The song by Sheryl Crow, “First Cut” comes to mind – “the first cut is the deepest…”.  I had jumped right in and now I had to wait.  “Will she respond to the newest addition to the store?”  “Would I get a smile and a quick, ‘thanks’?”  “Or will she actually talk to me?”  (Which, of course, is what I wanted!)

To my surprise, she opened right up and we had the sweetest conversation…complete with encouragement for this “fake” artist.  Why, she even stepped over to one of her “real” paintings and talked me through the steps she took to achieve it!  WHAT??????  That never happens in my experience!  I have found that most creative personalities, no matter the medium, are very much to themselves and don’t really seek to help others develop and find their way.  Maybe I’m wrong and have just met some “uncommon” folk in the past.  (I hope so!)

She has no clue what she did for me yesterday…an accomplished artist was telling me to keep doing what I was doing: keep “copying” others so that I learn, keep watching those YouTube videos and discovering how to use various techniques:  keeping painting!  What a gift!

I kinda don’t feel so “fake” anymore! 🙂