Happy 2012!!! …

Happy 2012!!!  I can’t believe that a new year has begun.  2011 seemed like a blur and I worry that the same will be true for this new born year.

I’ve been thinking about my goals and what God is wanting to accomplish through me in 2012.  I’m not a goal maker by nature, but I’m learning that if I aim for nothing, I’ll hit that mark every time.  So, purpose is good but searching for God’s purpose is greater!

A few things that I know so far:

1.  I must remain in God’s Word…that’s the exclamation point in my life from last year.  The Word transformed my thoughts, my emotions, my responses and therefore, my life.  I MUST remain on this path…and so should you!

2.  This is a year to rejoice!  My husband and I will hit a milestone in our marriage this year…20 years together!  This is only possible through the grace and guidance of God.  He’s held us together through some very hard times and continues to love us and give us love for one another.  I’m so thankful to God that my selfish, melancholy self has realized what a gift I was given on March 21st, 1992.

Well, that’s what I know…probably not the most “transformational” post you’ve read or is it?  Could it be that all we need to do in this life is to know and obey the Word of God and be thankful for His work in us and all His creation?  Think about it.