Thanksgiving;  the time of year that my children, especially the boys, love!  It’s time for our friend Tony’s boiled custard, my dressing, Grandma’s turkey & many, many desserts.  It’s time for football, family and friends.  And most importantly to me, a time for faith.

Along with many Facebook friends, I’ve been thinking of things that I’m thankful for and the list is long.  You know, electricity, snow, dishwashers and all the wonderful extravagances our world affords us.  But as I’ve posted two such lists, I’ve began to think about those things of which I’m MOST thankful.

My thoughts took me to the love of my life, David.  A man who has taught me about true love and service to others.  He never seems to grow tired of my outrageous ideas, exaggerated stories or never-ending pity parties.  He’s a rock, a saint and the most precious man I’ve ever met.  He truly does complete me and I’m so happy that is a job he still desires to hold.  I know that there have been many days that walking away probably sounded good and he would have had good reason.  But he didn’t, and he’s never even hinted the idea of it.  So David, for YOU I am truly thankful.

Next I thought of my children; Isaac, Nick & Chloe.  Each so different, yet each so loved by their Mama.  The thought of being a good mother has always scared me.  I know my imperfections and I don’t want to “mess them up!”  However, they are great kids and I know God has an awesome plan for each one.  I’m excited to see where He takes them.  So Isaac, Nick & Chloe; for YOU I am truly thankful.

My family was the next to pop into my mind.  I was raised in an amazing household.  I had a dad that loved us and worked very hard to take care of us.  He held down three jobs most of my life.  He was always working, but always happy.  He is a gentle man, very loving.  We always had a great relationship and we still do.

My mom was a hard worker too.  She stayed at home with us, but was always doing something.  Whether sewing, canning, gardening or cleaning, her hands were always busy.  I learned many wonderful things from my mom about how to raise a family and keep a house.  She always seemed to have the right answer.   Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006 and she left this world in May of 2007.  Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday.  She loved to cook for us and she loved to praise God for all He had given us.  I don’t know that Thanksgiving will ever be quite the same, but I try to set the example for my children that she did for me.  In all things, we give thanks.  So Mom & Dad, for YOU I am thankful.

I saved the most important person for the last.  This person I owe all that I am and most certainly my devotion to.  This person saved my life and set me on a new path.  When I met Him, I knew I needed to be with Him forever!  I met Him on a Monday night.  I was listening to a story about Him and then it happened; he spoke to me.  He called me to a relationship with Him that would never end.  He forgave me of all the wrongs I had committed and I got to start over.  His name is Jesus and for YOU LORD, I am MOST thankful.

Have you made your list?  What are you most thankful for?  What has God done in your life?  Do you have a relationship with Him?  If not, seek Him and be sure to know you’ll find Him!

Happy Thanksgiving!